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In this section, we will upload our regular newsletters for clients to download. These newsletters contain general tips and information for both businesses and individuals. The quarterly bulletins are known as Tax Matters and highlight the ATO’s most recent areas of focus and legislative updates. If you would like further advice on any specific content presented in these newsletters, feel free to contact us.


Federal Budget 2019 – Tax Matters Budget Edition <–  Click to load

Rewarding working Australians. The Budget was handed down on 2nd April 2019. Some key issues which may affect your affairs going forward if they become legislation are summarised in our latest update.

The Key Budget Topics in the Tax Matters PDF include:

Other Topics include


Essential reading for both new clients and current clients

New in business or just not sure of all the things you should be doing when it comes to running a successful business?

Here is a handy checklist of things that we can help you with to ensure your business runs smoothly:

1. LMS 2018 Year End Update – Featuring the following tops:

2. Tax Matters November 2018  – Featuring the following topics:

Tax Return Checklist and Online Appointment Booking


Property Investor Special – LMS 7SERIES – Seven things you need owning an investment property


LMS – Tax Matters – Dec 2016


LMS – Year End Strategies 2015: Featuring the following:

LMS- TaxMatters- Budget 2015: Featuring the following:

If your business Turnover is less than $2million, contact us today as to what measures you can take to utilise these budget measures.

LMS-TaxMatters-Feb15 – Featuring the following:

2014 and Prior

LMS Advisory – End of Year 2014 Update – Featuring the following: