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Tax Return Preparation Checklist and Online Booking Form

Please download our Tax Return Preparation Checklist, complete all fields relevant to your affairs and forward to us by email info@lmsadvisory.com.au or direct to your accountant along with your supporting documentation, and we will commence preparation of your returns. All documentation and can be scanned and emailed for easy processing. You can […]

How much work is too much?

Every small business owner has stories of working countless hours, pouring their heart and soul into their business. But what should be the cut-off to preserve the work-life balance? Speaking on the My Business Podcast, Alexander Laureti of accounting firm LMS Advisory says he works approximately 60 to 80 hours […]

Cash flow tips and tricks for SMEs : Podcast

Cash flow is always a hot topic for business owners. This week’s podcast delves deep into the issue and explores some of the strategies you can employ to boost your bottom line. While this is a statement of the obvious, it is important to step back from your daily ‘busyness’ […]

The accounting trick you’ve probably overlooked

It’s surprisingly simple, yet accountants suggest not enough business owners do it – often causing undue stress and difficulties down the track for business owners. What is this simple trick? The humble savings plan and a separate bank account, says Alexander Laureti, partner of accounting firm LMS Advisory. “It’s … […]

The nuances of business expansion

Accountant Alexander Laureti speaks about his first-hand experiences of business acquisitions and what he has learnt about this method of business growth. Regular followers of the My Business Podcast will recognise Alexander from several months ago, when he discussed how often you should speak to your accountant and the most […]

The do’s and don’ts of managing cash flow : Podcast

Managing cash flow is undoubtedly one of the chief concerns of SME owners. In this episode of the My Business Podcast, we ask an award-winning accountant for his advice on this all-important subject. Cash flow – it can be a scary term for many business owners, particularly those who feel […]

How often should you speak to your accountant?

It’s one of the age-old questions in business – so My Business asked an award-winning accountant to set the record straight. As you may have expected, there is no set time period between visits or discussions. But according to Alexander Laureti, a partner at LMS Advisory, there are a few […]

The profitability v service debate

There is a constant tug of war in business between generating greater profit and providing the highest-quality customer experience possible. My Business speaks with one SME director who says he has found the perfect balance. Alexander Laureti, a partner of accounting firm LMS Advisory, says the balance between profitability and […]