How to Pay My Bill Securely online

Pay your Bill online or check if you have any other outstanding invoices in 5 Easy Steps. 

1. Navigate to and Click Pay My Bill in the top right hand Corner to allow access the unique Pay My Bill weblink. It will bring you back to this page and you can proceed to Step 2. For security reasons, the Pay My Bill link is only accessible when navigating first via the LMS website.

2. To pay your bill using your credit card or view any outstanding invoices, now please click the following link if it does not load automatically:

Open LMS Advisory’s Secure Invoice Payment Portal

2. Enter your Invoice Number or Client Code as detailed on an outstanding invoice and click submit. If nothing shows up on the following page, your account is up to date. Thank you! Please note newly sent invoices will take up to 24 hours to display on our Payment Portal.

3. Follow the prompts by selecting each invoice you wish to pay. You can pay in full or make part payment by typing an alternate number into the amount applied column. Then click Pay.

4. Chose which payment method you would like to use. Option 1 is Visa, Mastercard or Amex . Click continue. Option 2 offers Click to Pay via Amex account and to a one time code generated from your email address. Most use option 1.

5. Input your Credit Card details and Pay Now to submit. Please note your customer details are generated from our database and you do not need to fill in the fields. They are hidden for privacy purposes.

Your payment will be processed and a receipt sent to you automatically. Thank you for supporting us by paying online!

Client Update – New Payment Offering – Recurring Direct Debit!

Click the link to load our Direct Debit Service agreement >

Are you interested in switching to monthly payments by Direct Debit to save on your annual accounting fees? Contact us today on 02 9891 9333 to find out how you can save time and money and support us by making the switch.

For bill enquires, requesting copies of invoices or a statement of account or please call us or email

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