What do you choose?

What do you choose?

Please read the Daily Quote in the attached picture and then read on. The words really resonated with me.

How can our choices help others in this latest lockdown?

I choose to wear a mask and stay home. Not just because its in the Health Orders. I wear a mask more often that I need to, as it a tiny annoyance, a minor inconvenience. Even outdoors. I chose not to add risk to my family and neighbours lives by going out unnecessarily during stay at home orders, including not visiting my empty workplace when I can work at 75% capacity from home.

I chose to get vaccinated with AZ at the age of 36 two weeks ago, by consulting with my GP, assessing my risk, and then getting the jab. I immediately felt I was making my home a safer place, and I reserved those Pfizer doses for those who need it more. I will get my second dose of AZ as soon as I pass the minimum wait period.

I choose not to complain about my personal lockdown experience on social media, to avoid being another source of anger online that exacerbates others stress and anxiety. For anyone that asks me, I’d be happy to share.

Everyone needs to vent, I get it. Share your struggles with your network. Reach out. Support each other. I only share what I feel can help others. I am not the only one going through difficulties, nor can I expect anyone to know my challenges behind the scenes. We can swap stories when its all said and done. I wish more leaders with a platform would spread more positive messages and promote solutions. That includes not calling out leadership as a failure when they are making critical decisions under immense pressure every day, in a changing evolving virus landscape.

They are human beings acting on imperfect information. There is no perfect template for this. Every decision protects 1 person and impacts another immensely.I don’t want the death rate to skyrocket. Yes, the vaccine rollout was too slow early, but we all got complacent. I know too many people who could have got the shot months ago but chose to wait or avoid AZ because we heard more discussion touting the risks than the benefits.

The supply is coming in fast now NSW, no more excuses please. #getthejabI choose to be a positive source of information and support anyone who asks, so we can all get through this together. I am removing those from my social media feed who bring me down or bring others down with misinformation or constant negativity. I watch the 11am press conference every day to get the full story, not media snippets. Those press conferences deliver very clear messages.

I choose to help build resilience. I know there are many struggling more than me, especially businesses shutting their doors. I am having very sad conversations every day with my clients. I can point to the stimulus on offer, offer hope, help to pivot, and explain good business principles to make this lockdown a temporary setback rather than permanent. We built our resilience last year and made it through. Lets not forget our learning from recent history lest it repeat itself.This race is not over, no one has failed yet except those who act selfishly in refusing to follow the health advice. Those “freedom” protests on the weekend? You have got to be kidding. Ridiculous. Risky. Disheartening. Disrespectful to those doing it tough. Disrespectful to parents home schooling. Disrespectful to business owners who desperately need to reopen. Please NSW, never again. We are meant to be in this together.

What do you choose? Authors note- Please follow the NSW Health Orders and Recommendations. I would hope everything written above complies and encourages the reader to do the same without prescribing my choices and actions on others. I am inviting you to reflect on your own choices during this latest lockdown. We must all choose to be our best selves during this period and support each other. #mondaymotivation #lockdownNSW #stayhome #wearamask #getvaccinated #respectothers

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