Public Announcement Re: Sydney Lockdown

Our offices are closed but our team is working remotely to support you!

LMS Advisory Pty Ltd and KeepMyBooksOnline have adapted our workflows and procedures to allow for 100% remote work.

During office hours our office phone line may go straight to voicemail at times during the day as our admin staff juggle work, home and school holiday commitments. Responses to emails and queries might take slightly longer, so we appreciate your patience.

The physical office at Level 6, 91 George St Parramatta will be closed, please do not attend. If you need to drop off documentation, please call the office number to arrange a Covid Safe alternative. We prefer scan and email of documents. All snail mail will be scanned and emailed rather than posted.

If you want to send a package by Courier, again please call first. We will give an alternate delivery address.

All upcoming in-office appointments have been rescheduled to virtual meetings and affected clients notified. We prefer Zoom; the meetings are more personal and efficient without thetravel time and parking headaches.

If you have urgent issues or emergencies; please contact your account manager or partner in charge. Please stay safe NSW, and we will look to supporting you through this nexthopefully short lockdown. To take a brightside, please cherish the additional time at home with your families.Visit our NSW Lockdown Information Hub/#staysafe #stayhome #getvaccinated

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LMS Advisory PTY LTD Blog & News

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    By Alexander LauretiSeptember 12, 2023 The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has recently identified five primary types of business debts that are now under its heightened scrutiny. This shift in focus comes as the ATO winds down the exceptional leniency it previously extended to late payers during the COVID-19 lockdowns. At the Tax Institute Tax Summit…

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    Every year LMS Advisory releases our updated Tax Return Checklist and Tax Return Preparation Instructions for our valued clients. Tax 2023 STP Finalisations are due by your employer by 14th July 2023. We will commence working on returns from the week commencing 21 July 2023. Please complete our initial Tax Request to put yourself in…

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